Pizzas are Italian – tasty and crispy.
Diameter 30cm

Margherita 6.70 €
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, pesto)
Quattro Formaggi 7.70€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, goat cheese, qorgonzola, parmesan, pesto)
Amrita 7.30€
(Amrita tomatosauce, seasonal vegetables, mozzarella)
Fresco 8.20€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, fresh salad, sun-dried tomatoes, pesto)
Primavera 7.80€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, mozzarella-cherries, cherry-tomatoes, pineapple, basil, special sauce)

Tonno 7.80€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, tuna-fish, capparis, red onion, limonette)
Salmone 9.60€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, cold smoked salmon, capparis, red onion, limonette)
Gamberi 9.30€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, tigershrimps, capparis, red onion, limonette)

Sweet pizza
Dolce (curd, cherries, banana, pear, cinnamon) 7.70€

Goat cheese, mozzarella, mozzarella-cherries, gorgonzola, feta cheese, parmesan, bacon, salami Milano, salami Romano, salami Ventricella, chorizo, proscuitto, sun-dried tomatoes, smoked sausage, smoked chicken, olives, tunafish 1.7€
Cold and hat smoked salmons, shrimsp, tigershrimps 2.6€ VEGAN! mozzarella, parmesan 2.2€ taste yeast 1€
Fresh salad on pizza 3.7€

Morning porridge 3.70
(oat flakes, rice, buckwheat)
Scrambled eggs with tomato and onion 5.10
Scrambled eggs with leek and bacon 5.40
Scrambled eggs with smoked chicken and
paprika 5.60

Warm sandwiches… 6.50
… smoked chicken and sweet chillisauce
…smoked sausage and greek sauce
… smoked salmon and special sauce

100% green salad * ** v 5.60
Salad with cherry-tomatoes-mozzaella cherries* 6.50
Green salad with cold-smoked salmon* 7.50
Green salad with smoked salmon and
poached egg * 7.50
Salad with rosted beetroot and feta* 6.00
Smoked chicken salad * 6.50
Quinoa salad on green* ** 6.20

Borsch with beef * ** 3.90
Vegetable pureesoup * ** 3.50

*- glutein -free ** – lactose-free V – Vegan
a little spicy spicy hot and spicy

Buckwheat with… (estonian raw buckwheat)
…vegetables * ** 5.30
… smoked bacon * ** 5.60
… smoked chicken * ** 5.60
Chickenwok with rice noodles* ** 6.30
Vegetablewok with rice noodles * ** 6.00

Vegetable pasta with feta* 6.30
Pasta with smoked chicken and
cherry tomatoes 6.50
Creamy pasta with pesto and parmesan 6.30
Shrimps pasta with sun-dried tomatoes 6.70
Creamy pasta with beef and vegetable 6.90

Vegetable-quinoawok * ** v 6.40

Risotto with smoked salmon 7.90
Seacokteil risotto 7.50
Pumpkin risotto 6.30

Your can order food on phone!
Call +372 435 8388

Prosciutto 8.30€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, prosciutto crudo, mushrooms, pesto)
Gallina 8.50€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, smoked chicken, zucchini. red onion, pesto)
Piccante 8.20€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, salami ventricella, jalopeno, pesto)
Milano 8.90€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, chorizo, salami milano, olives, pesto)
Romano 8.40€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, salami romano, mushrooms, calabash, red onion, pesto)
Pancetta 8.60€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, bacon, paprika, red onion, pesto)
Mancello 9.20€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, smoked sausage, pearl-onion, red-onion, paprika, garlic, pesto)
Buon Giorno 9.30€
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, bacon, egg, sun- dried tomatoes, red onion, pesto)
Con Senape 8.80 €
(Amrita tomatosauce, mozzarella, bacon, red onion, cherry-tomatoes, pickled cucumber, mustardsouce)

Zucchini, jalopeno, beetroot, paprika, cherry-tomatoes, kapparis, pickled cucumber, egg, mushrooms, red onion, garlic, pearl-onion, pineapple, peach, cherries, pesto, greek dressing, sour cream, amrita tomatosauce, special sauce 1€
VEGAN! mozzarella, parmesan 2.2€ taste yeast 1€
Fresh salad on pizza 3.7€

Pancakes with….

Pancake with smoked chicken 6.50
(mozzarella, smoked chicken, paprika, pineapple)

Pancake with four cheeses 6.50
(mozzarella, goat cheese, gorgozola, parmesan)

Pancake with bacon and mushrooms
(mozzarella, bacon, mushrooms, onion) 6.50

Pancake with tuna-fish 6.50
(mozarella, tuna-fish, greens, sun-dried tomatoes)

Pancake with mushrooms and vegetables
(mozzarella, onion, mushrooms, paprika) 6.50

Quinoapancake with hot smoked salmon
and fresh salad 7.50


Ice cream with jam 3.50
Ice cream with chocolate 3.50

Fruits with honey and seeds 3.50
Raw-buckwheat dessert 3.50

Ask suggestions what good we have
to offer You from cakes and dessert!

Pancake with jam 3.50
Pancake with curd 3.50
Pancake with ice cream 3.50

Pancake with honey and seeds 4.00

Pancake with jam and curd 4.50
Pancake with jam and ice cream 4.50
Pancake with ice cream, seeds
and chocolate 4.50

Pancake with curd and caramelized fruits 4.50

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